about us

MAFAG GmbH is one of three independent family owned companies of which the first started business in 1944 in Switzerland. They all work in the field of providing solutions for industrial hydraulic and pneumatic actuation and the respective control equipment for all sectors of.

MAFAG GmbH is active since 1952 in 79798 Jestetten / Germany and produces mainly for Paper Machinery, Turbines for Power, Food, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Construction Equipment and the Steel Industry.

Based in part on our standard program, today we do overwhelmingly custom desing. Our experienced workforce enables us to provide comprehensive solutions in a flexible and quick way.

Our pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are sized and individually adapted to fit the torque curve according to spec. Very often they are part of a safety device making sure that safety positions are held or that their movement follows a defined pattern. The elements used for their control are chosen so as to exactly meet the requirement. Low pressure hydraulics are also made.

Where needed in project business we complement our actuators with the control part and with externally sourced valves (rotating or linear) including pipework, so as to be able to ship a tested and fully quality documented unit ready for installation on site.

Our hydraulic cylinders are often custom made using various materials and provide all possible mounting options. The range encompasses special designs like multi-position, tandem, integrated locking mechanism or externally located fixtures. Our house standard or the customer`s standard can apply (including mill type cylinders).

To control our actuators and cylinders we make suggestions of our own or realise the concept of our customer using the components on the market complementing them with elements of our manufacture. We realise process control solutions including security plc.

Aftersales – We assist on installation. Industrial plants need spares for decades, services, revisions or retrofit as well as remakes according to the original drawings. Our drawings archive and our complete project files make us stand prepared for any event.

MAFAG GmbH strives constantly to enhance customer satisfaction through the quality of their products, the efficiency of their organisation and their competence in order processing and delivery.